About GLN

GLN is a family company founded in Sweden in 1994 by Todd Keith and Jessica Eile Keith and is since 2005 based in Florida, USA.
Todd Keith born in Massachusetts with a life long interest in computing, studied Systems Analysis at the University of Uppsala in Sweden.
Jessica Eile Keith born in Visby, Sweden studied Communications at the University of Uppsala.

Together Todd and Jessica founded GLN to be able to commercialize their ideas on how to enhance communication between people wherever they are, when ever they want.

The decision was taken to work with the "groupware" standard software Lotus Notes that, at the time, was the only software that supported true group communication for anyone anywhere at anytime.

In 1995 GLN became Business Partners to Lotus and also gained contracts with several companies that had chosen to work with Lotus Notes.


Since 1995, GLN has been delivering advanced communication solutions to companies like;

Swedish Defense Material Administration
The Swedish Parliament
Swedish Association of Municipal Housing Companies
The Global Water Partnership Forum
and others.

GLN has been delivering solutions to Pharmacia (now Pfizer) since 1995. Through this long term partnership with a global pharmaceutical company, GLN has acquired a deep and thorough understanding and knowledge of the need for IT-solutions for the pharmaceutical industry, mostly within global communication and the development of advanced tools for marketing and phase four studies.

GLN recognized early the need for communication for users that do not always the access to a PC. In 1999 GLN began developmenting of business applications for hand-helds, on the Palm OS platform. Today we can also provide applications on the Pocket PC.

Today, GLN specializes in developing hand-held solutions and outcomes research data collection systems for the pharmaceutical industry.

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